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and the stallion >> he's starting to really scare us. >> any last words? do orgasm. yes, they do. maregasms. ed >> i'm a huge fan of your work. x..ichael moore was at l.a. a camera guy said we had shooting a few days ago. >> how many years ago it just seems like -- it's the world we live in hunting is bigger spot than hockey. seven out of ten people have guns. why don't they kill anybody when a have it half right they say guns don't kill people. kill people, americans kill people. >> how do you argue what he says? why america? assault rifles. you cannot get those in canada. you cannot get glocks. cares? it's not about what gun you use it's that you use a gun. harvey, to a point you're right. sandy hook he had a shotgun. > this is a ridiculous conversation that the kind of gun matters. >> no, no, no. i don't think michael moore is point. the >> you just said the gun doesn't matter. >> it doesn't. >> but the gun does matter. to shoot myself. again. right, thanks big fan. unleash the power within your pants. motivational speaker/secret pimp tony robbins are excited they got -- >> that'
she's abusing them physically and mentally >> it's a horror show. it's the kids being around drugs use paraphernalia and ho filled with creeps and creed epbts that have no business children?nd >> what he gonna do it? >> what more ground does he have to stand on >> which is why he's hoping denise will come to the rescue say give me g to the kids if you don't give them to me give them to denise but ooke. >> what kind offed deoderant rare something thing bad i have some going on >> no, unless you consider uncontrollable arm sweat >>t'the tpharpl stuff. >> come on. you can't use the natural stuff. >> dammit. i knew it. it was too close to the chick deowed rented. i knew. .> oh stop you can't just blame stuff on women unless it's brooke mueller be fair.ight thanks sweat staeupbz you're disgusting. >> how you doing, man go sew, ve nick did he one of the stars of masters of sex, that show on show time is one of the leads >> he plays dr. ethan hawke. he's coming out of 30 rock we said do you get a physical he says -- >> hell yeah >> you got to take care of yourself. you got to do -- it's all
thing to eat. used to get take-out for boa. >> a salad? we buy a salad here, it .as a diaper in it let's not get into the fruit flies inhe barn back there. 10 fruit flies on bagels yesterday. >> i like how we're saving the yogurt lids, too, to make a nest for them. you kee blaming them and you're looking at me. i tried to make a change. want change. >> i want change more than you because i trulyant ange. mnever sleeping.g. ever saving. for him, her, and you. every day. but quality affordable health care seems forever out of reach -- until now. i'm doctor peter beilenson. with local doctors we've founded a new approach to health insurance -- evergreen health. neighborhood care, same day appointments, a team approach with doctors and nues who get to know you. that's evergreen health. learn more at [ for mcdonald's bold, new jalapeno kicker premium chicken sandwich. and the not too shy jalapeno kicker quarter pounder. the heat comes at you from layers of jalapeno crisps, jalapeno slices, pepper jack cheese... and a cool creamy sauce that kicks in right when you need it. n
pool hall with pouncey.mike >> mike pouncey [beep]! seems to suggest that richie not only freely uses the n-word. pouncey [beep]. >> but seems to put him in more hot water after being forfinitely benched allegedly bullying teammate jonathan majority. hazing, slash bullying, homophobic. in the world of the nfl, is it ever ok to use the n-word? got ladainian tomlinson at b.j.'s. >> good pizza. ladainian about using the n-word. in the locker room, it's the locker room. a lot of times you may look past certain issues because it's all about winning. >> it's ok as long as you win? >> but there's no place for that. own community don't want our young kids using it so we definitely don't want someone of using it.ce >> well said. we hope you enjoyed the pizza. the thing about b.j.'s pizza, it's about the -- the pazooey? cast iront in a skillet with white chocolate macadamia nuts. i not know about this? >> you don't go to b.j.'s. you're like at malibu fresh eating grill or something. you, richie incognito -- >> pouncey [beep]. pazooky. have a >> how you guys doing? mcgowan leaving arclight holly
cameras weren't there to say hi when they're taking stroll down the street. creep use that's really his doorows up >> she's gon thi because negr >> we kid. she clearly loves sidney. her ex mht te her back. receives had keanu standards. > miley cyrus was in amsterdam for the european video awards. best ed a ward for song and then pulls out a int and lights it up. i did find this, so tha you much. ery >> what's the difference beeen ley cyrus and justin bieber? is way cooler >> is she really? yes. >> now that fat legislares are mang it legal ate like the rayna. >> she's young and and in amsterdam and all the young guys they coulde there. they cat smoket on stage n public areas. >> h! i mean, when did you start weed?g i don't he tomoke weed to co. >> good ght, everybody. you. honor of veterans day tom cruise has a message. ampered moe sr ever bit hard ayour j combat sdier. >> t cruise sd that hisob in hard a fhting a wa afghistan. >>es! during rect depositi for $50 million libel cashe compared his acting ta to in and not because they're jt penful to endure. that's what it feels like, on th
people? >> i tell you the reaction for my kids, dad, you're making tough on us at school. >> one of my favorite interviews recently, you interviewed miley cyrus said after you turn 40, which i recently did -- >>congratulations. >> thank you. >> congratulations, sorry about the se >> i heard whe you turn 40, things start to go less seal. >> if that was joint, that was not myavorite thing. i don't want my kids to see that. >> may not want to see it eitherjasersif wt happened before a matt and al roquers a recent on-air checkup. why did y choose to have a prostate exam on television, along with al? >> we want people to understand, this takes less than a minute. go outnd do it it's into the big deal and it's importantor lg-te health. >>att applauding his forme cogu amy row ba's, desiono go publicith her best cancer batt. my i somne have nop for ten s. e important thingaven't been for her being encouraged too out and get a maoghe mit have dected. th we ve a responsibility with theobs that we have o raising awareness and couraging and inspiring people. whi is whyatt is ting rt in no sve nemb
just tricked us into promoting your show! shameless plug! >> back to the news. >> the brolin thing? no, we're done! celebrity bar fight! >> hey, mr. wainwright, how are you doing, sir? i'm a huge fan of yours, by the way. >> rupe use wainwright, singer, songer, actor. >> my favorite person ever! love him so much. >> he's at l.a.x. our camera guy is apparently a huge fan. >> my favorite duet would be you did a duet of "careless whisper" with -- >> ben folds, yeah. >> "careless whisper" is my favorite son ever. incredible singer. >> how is that your favorite song ever. >> i know you want to scoff at it. that son is beautiful. >> our camera guy goes -- >> can we do it right now, you and i? >> careless whisper. >> he does it on the spot and it sounds actually really good. >> ♪ never gonna dance again guilty feelings got no rhythm so it's easy to pretend i know you're not a fool ♪ >> we should go on the road! >> it's so good. he's never going to dance again! >> ♪ i'm never gonna dance again guilty feeling i have no rhythm ♪ >> gary loves it, man. i used to play this at bar mitzvahs
when she was pregnant with us and we're totally normal. just take your vitamins, stay out of the hot tub, and avoid rum-based drinks, and you'll be fine. maybe the problem isn't that i don't want to keep the baby. the problem is that i don't want to keep the baby with finn. maybe i didn't give puck enough of a chance. he is the real dad, after all. finn would freak if i started spending time with puck though. i need to distract him so that i can take puck for a test drive. but how? mmm, forget about it. she looks like a five year old. still, maybe with a little bit of makeup... hey, kurt, can i pick your pink brain for a second? why hello, quinn. to what do i owe the honor? i do believe this is the first time you've ever spoken to me. i'm sorry about that. anyways, i have a proposition to make: a makeover. i'm in! makeovers are like crack to me. uh-huh. my suggestion... spanx. or a double-knit camisole with a control top for the baby bump. also, babydoll dresses-- dead giveaway. not for me, for rachel. why would i want to do that? i admit i like a challenge as much as the next guy, b
, you seehow. i could use a towel. hello, debra. what is it, fran nothing, dear.i was just wonderg if there's any of yourdelicious. oh, oh, these are for you. all right?t now, hey, you gota little spot there. is so great.ya, debra.that stufe i woke up thinkin' about it. is, uh, anybodyeating this? no, frank. you know what? you can have it. at least someoneappreci! hey,i appreciat- frank.youfor the flower, anyone who can makebraciole liks marigolds and daffodils.efull od i happento agree wi. that's very sweet, frank. that's very sweet. in quite some time.hinge would you likesomething? no. no. i don't want todilute t. with your feet up.u should be rg thank you, frank. all right. aw, come on. what's the matter,ray? ? instead of mocked?m beid is that i how i raised you? yeah. ok, dad! mmm! this is so r. do you really think so? there's just likea sweetness to. how do you do that? but i had some currants. well, thisis a beautiful thing. thank you, frank. i thought youwere t. i was. i finished. oh. how was it? it was fine, frank. thank you for making itfor me. you haven't ma
>> adrianna lima, super gorge supereorge. and favorite, candice anepoel, amaze. amaze. >> use full words. >> so what taylor swt doing there? >>he was singing but she didn'tear any of the lingeri likeihanna didast year. >> but she did wear a top hat! >> she looks so pretty and she's got these long legs. i think she killed it. >> show me candice again, please. >> ok, calm down, freak. gosh, if only someonhad a fun fact to close this out. >> by the way, fun fact, our office instead of sunset boulevard were almt boom above victoria's secret. >> that woulhave been amazi. >>e know who's running the company. >> ha-ha, it's funny because he's -- you know. anks, super hot, almost naked dies and tiny top hat, you're sexy! >> anne hathaway, she was leaving the gym. she has her hoodie on and she is toeing out, brutal! it looks like a painful outfit as she is walking out. >> she going to upset with you. >> oh, boohoo. >> smu camel toe hoity-toity. >>oity-ttyoe. ♪ here i come to save the day >> merely 30 years after the supposed death of legendary comic andy kaufman, new evidence he's still a
. i'm not mad at you. tell the truth. was lfish when i td and now neither of us have him. i have hurt so many people. i ju rwa bal hey. niffling) soi know you're upset now. and i'm going to do everythi i can be a ado by an any more stress in my life right now. i'm going to do this on my own. i know you don't understand it. but please respect it. (mechanical whirring) so, the competition arts at 11:00. ght. i'll have my cell one on i kn. you ready tolde. ree mes. and you wrote it dow reporting for duty, mr. schuester. i have to tell you, i get terrible public event anxiety. you knowt, jacob? it's oy. we st nd a 12th member. all right, so, u just sway in back. you don't even have to ng. yeah, don'ev sg. okay. ok. ea (uer breat: my god. i can't thank you ough. okay. hey! havyou ever ted honey nut cheerios? love '. at! noyou on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean honey wand? [ shouting ] [ lat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now tt voice... my voice? [ to-tuned ] what wrong witmy voice? yeah man, bee got s
department told us they don't acknowledge birthdays. no one gets special treatment. >> yes, there was no cake, no candles, no celebratory oompa loompas. >> worst part, he didn't even get to see his daughter and it was r birthday too. >> oh. >> guys, he hasn't been convicted yet. >> there is a chance it could be one big huge misunderstanding. >> so you're telling me a chance? >> no, not really. >> basically if you're in jail you don't have a birthday? >> yeah. life sucks for alleged murderers but don't worry, aaron, we wrote a special birthday song to cheer you up. hit it. ♪ happy birthday hope you get your wish and become someone's bitch you did not get any gifts but no one stuck a plunger up your -- >> happy birthday, aaron. >> we don't really mean that. >> gary and jason. >> what up? >> gary clemons and jason clemens, the brentwood jogger. they're saying when they're jogging, they jog in unison in place in the median in brentwood. they have a spot on "cougar town." they talk at the same time. >> do you guys go out together? >> of course. >> do you hit on girls together? >> if there is a
there. oh, ben stiller, you scarred us for life. finish jon, you taught us a luab lesson. uncircumcised. >> jon's not kosher. a tripod.m is >> we got amber portod, teen mom, just got out of jail and we got her with gary. guys getting back together? friends?ing >> that's a bad way of putting it. he's back with her? no.o, no, >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> you didn't watch e season. me, that wall he got on his back is somewhat deserved. >> she deserved it? weighs 600 friggin pounds so when she hits him on his back, he doesn't feel it. >> if he hits her back, he's a bad guy? moreu could do a lot damage. if harvey starts to fight van, would you hit him back? hits me, we're going. >> you hit me, we're going. i'm going to teach you a life lesson. >> absolutely. you go back at me, we're going. >> we're going. >> hold on, why does your slirt off?me you can fight with your shirt on, you know. take your pants off, let's go! let's ! off!them [laughter] >> coming up -- justin bieber, a security guard who dropped off his bike. justin bieber thinks it's an opportunity for him to jump on the guy and finally
. yeah, well, you know, honey, you got to use soap. soap, soap, soap. and scb really hard, use tyou know?re, like you're doing a pot. hey, do that p. i don't wash myands enoh. that's the probl. do that p. well, that -- tha. yeah, that'st. just g the soap all over that. hey, as long- as long as you are home, y don'you take theids to their play date? yeah, ah. as long let me just finish thire home, okay. take yr time. hi, dears. hey, marie. raymond, i saw your car. y aren't you at wo? i had you we to the doctor a doand didn't tell me? why wasn't i told? it's nothi, marie. the doctor said 's fin he's running tests. tests?hat's wrg? tell me. i ve a right to know. some g sneezed on me. what -- wh guy?who -- wu some guy. some guy at e airport. somee sneed on you at the airport? you could have anythinfrom. or you could haveothing. oh, look at this face. look at the bloodst eyes and the yell skin and the droopy ceks. that his regular face. i have been feing kind of drpy. he neverad to go to a doct when i was taking care of m. give me ur head. he's not hotis he? not yet, but somethins coming.
met. what? yes. it's not t and dowhatever you want, and--and--let's just sa- use your "ladies' days"e to treat me rottenevery. my needing to getout of here one has nothing to dowith my "ladie" bull-loney. what? baloney! you wanna see?'cause i ? i don't care anymore. i tried to be nice,and . here. look at ? that's, this . last month,cidencethat y the garbage can.clubsupn i'm telling you,i'm sic. all right? every monthto screaming at mefor no r, crying over nothing. cr, and you won't evenadmit. might be the problem!d t enjoy your ladies' daysu treated like this. desee "oh,look what day it is. oh, come here, ray."pow! "oh, oh, i've beensavin" you're like,era couple , hey, you know.".i was j, and by the way, the nex, i shot a, don't k i don't knowyou put a c. you are out of your mind. no, you are... once a month! if what i'm sayingisn't, on all the other days?ts i treat you just fine, ray. you're just mad'cause you had td one lousy nightwith the kids. oh, so you don't get crazyt? no. you remain perfectly calm, don't overreact, uh,don't t, or yell at me li
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